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Purpose of Handbook


The aim of the Intramural (IM) handbook is to acquaint you with the policies, procedures, and regulations of the IM program as they pertain to your duties and responsibilities as an IM official. It is meant to serve as a guide to some of the information you need to know to be a successful IM official. You have been selected for this important position because of your knowledge, interest, and ability to perform the duties required. As an IM official, you will be responsible for aiding the IM staff with a wide variety of functions. You are responsible for all the information in this handbook.




University of Hartford Intramurals has a variety of programs available to participants, including Intramurals, Club Sports, and Recreational Events. This handbook will concentrate on the programs and policies of Intramurals.


Staff Listing



Name Position Phone Email

Tyrone Fuertes Intramural and Club Sport Director 768-5053 Fuertes

Ted Stavropoulos Associate Athletic Director 768-4650 TStavrop


The IM office is located on the first floor of the Sports Center, room C-1-02.


Important Numbers


Intramural Office 768-5053

Sports Center Front Desk 768-5070

Sports Center Office 768-5050

Equipment Room 768-3915

Public Safety 768-7777

Campus Information 768-4100

Web Site

Student Staff Guidelines

General Responsibilities


An IM assistant is responsible for controlling the teams entering the field and enforcement of rules before, during, and after IM games and matches. IM assistant are directly under the supervision of the supervisor and must adhere to IM policies set forth by the department.


Duties include the following:


       Knowledge and compliance of all Intramural policies and procedures.

       General knowledge of IM sports and an understanding of the rules and regulations governing these sports.

       Responsible for all hours scheduled.

       Responsible for set up and breakdown of assigned fields.

       Follow all procedures for accidents, incidents, protests and/or altercations according to guidelines.

       Maintain constant communication with all staff members including IM Director, supervisors, and IM assistants. Communication is very important!




Individuals interested in being an IM assistant must:


       Be an UHa student.

       A genuine interest in athletics and sports.

       Have a basic understanding of team and individual sports.

       Excellent human relations and interpersonal communications skills.

       The ability to learn specific rules and regulations in a specific sport or activity.

       The ability to remain controlled and even-tempered through difficult situations.

       The ability to work cooperatively with other staff members.


Work Standards


Pre Game Duties


       Sign in for work

       Arrive 30 minutes before first scheduled game in UNIFORM.

       Upon arrival he/she should report to the supervisor to review duties and assignment.

       Assist supervisor with field set-up of chairs, tables, and game equipment.

       Check to see that the playing area is prepared properly and clear of all hazards.

       Organize game sheets for the appropriate fields.

       Check IDs for all student for every game. (No ID=No play)

       Obtain player information for each score sheet.

       Direct team members to the correct fields.


Game Duties


       Always begin the game at the scheduled starting time.

       Record score, ejections, and violations throughout the game.

       Perform clock duties as necessary.

       Assist supervisor in controlling side line players and spectator.

       Prepare score sheets for the next contest.


Post Game Duties


       Review all score sheets for proper information.

       Record sportsmanship ratings.

       Assist supervisor with equipment cleanup.

       Check with IM supervisor before leaving to discuss any problems throughout the night.

       Sign out.


IM assistant are expected to display a positive image of the Department. This includes:

       Being dressed neatly and properly.

       Displaying a positive attitude.

       Acting as a service person (or referring to a supervisor) to those in need of help.

       Promoting the IM program is also a major portion of your job,

       And most importantly, leading by example.



Work Area Conditions


Certain regulations will apply to all student employees while on the job. A breach of these rules may lead to probation, suspension, or dismissal. Any exceptions to these policies must be granted by the field supervisor. These regulations include by are not limited to the following:


       No smoking

       No televisions or radios

       No Walkman

       No Cell phones

       No entertaining friends!!

       Employees must remain alert at all times

       Employees may not participate in an activity while they are working

       Staff shirts must be worn at all times while working



Training Sessions


All IM assistants are required to attend training for each sport they will be working. Training familiarizes the employee with the procedures necessary for that sport.


Work Hours


Intramural play, tournaments, and special events typically occur on the weekends. Each employee will fill out an availability form at the beginning of the semester. Work hours will be based on seniority, ability, and availability. The schedule will be posted each week on Wednesday for the following week. Schedules can be found outside the IM Office. Employees should check this board frequently for any changes or other postings. Employees are responsible for their shifts at all times.




Duration of Employment


Although many of us would like to think otherwise, no job can be considered permanent. The department works on a supply and demand basis. As a season comes to an end the number of individuals working in that particular sport may be reduced. Employment is seasonal. The department will make efforts to retain its quality employees.




It is essential that each employee accept responsibility for the success of the program. If a student employee is found to be negligent in their duties, certain disciplinary actions will be taken according to the nature of the offense. Student employees may be placed on probation, suspension, or be terminated for any of, but not limited to, the following:


1.        Lack of work

2.        Poor attendance

3.        Unsatisfactory job performance

4.        Mistreatment or abuse of fellow employees


Substitution Policy


IM has set up a very flexible system of substitution for the employees. It is your responsibility to obtain your own substitute. The office staff should not be expected to get your shifts covered for you. Do not wait until the last minute to call for a substitute. The office provides updated phone lists of all IM employees. If you are unable to find a qualified substitute, you are obligated to work that shift. One

unexcused absences can be grounds for probation or suspension.


Staff as Participants


Most staff play intramural sports as well as work. IM encourages this to build a good knowledge of the game and to have fun. However, an IM staff who participates must remember he/she represents the entire IM Program and is expected to show above average sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike behavior by any staff will not be tolerated and is grounds for suspension or termination. A staff member who is the team captain will be expected to have greater control over his/her teammates than other team captains.


Payroll Procedure


Paychecks are issued biweekly on Fridays. Paychecks can be picked up on Friday at the Sports Center Membership Office between the hours of 9-5pm. Employees must initial for receipt of the check. Pay periods are on a two-week interval. Therefore students receive checks for time worked during the previous two weeks.


Employment Forms


All employees must complete several necessary work related forms in order to get on the university payroll system. To avoid delay in getting paid, make sure to complete the following steps:

  1. All Federal Work Study related forms
  2. Complete I-9s and W-4s
  3. Two forms of ID from approved list



Dress Code


All IM assistants will be given a staff shirt to be worn while working. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Staff members are expected to maintain a clean, professional appearance and demeanor at all times.




IM assistant will be evaluated each semester by the supervisor and IM Director. This evaluation will help to serve as a guide to future assignments. It is also intended to give you feedback on your performance. It is not intended to be a negative report; instead it will help you to become a better official through instruction. Evaluations may be unannounced and random. IM assistant may be asked to evaluate the supervisors and IM Director throughout the course of the year.




Unfortunately, there will always be incidents, such as flagrant contact and fighting that will occur at IM contests. If an incident occurs the supervisor should be notified immediately. Some general guidelines for dealing with such incidents include:


1.        Keep yourself safe.

2.        Do not attempt to physically separate players unless you can do so without harm.

3.        Do prevent others from joining the incident.

4.        Take whatever time necessary to sort out all aspects of the incident. You will need to identify the individuals involved as well as give as much detail as possible as to how the incident occurred.


Procedures for Handling Accidents and Injuries


1.        When an injury has occurred, your first priority is to protect the well being of the injured participant. If the player is not in immediate danger, continue play until play approaches the injured player. Never allow play to continue near an injured player regardless of the circumstances.

2.        After the game has been halted, immediately call for the IM supervisor. Do not move or attend to the injured person. Inform the field supervisor and let them take care of the injury.

3.        Make sure to note all necessary game related details at the time of the stoppage (time remaining, score, possession). After the injury has been taken care of, the game can continue at the correct point.

4.        You are not responsible to offer any medical advice to the participant. Let the field supervisor handle it.




Staff starting pay is $7.15/hr depending on the sport and the amount of experience.




Increase in pay is not automatic. Employees who feel deserving of a raise must make a formal request in writing to the IM Director. In order to be considered for a raise, employees must meet the following conditions:

1.        Must be employed a minimum of 12 pay periods.

2.        Demonstrate reliability and punctuality.

3.        Practice above average customer service.

4.        Demonstrate an ability to work independently.


An employee will be notified with a decision within 7-10 days. The amount of pay increase will be decided by the professional staff, and may range from $0.25-0.50.





Officials who perform all job duties exceptionally may be given the opportunity to become an IM supervisor. Promotions will be made at the discretion of the professional staff.




An employee awards banquet will be held annually to recognize outstanding performance and achievements. Other awards may be presented at other times throughout the school year.


Sports Opportunities for Staff


Fall Intramurals Spring Intramurals

Flag Football Basketball

Outdoor Soccer Indoor Soccer

Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee Whiffleball

Co-Rec Softball Team Handball

Co-Rec Innertube Water polo Volleyball

Tennis Flag Football

Co-Rec Kickball Swim Meet



Turkey Trot

3-3 Basketball