University of Hartford Intramurals





Register At the event

November 8th (Tuesday)

Starting time at 8pm.



                Men’s   Women’s     Fraternity   Sorority


FORMAT:  The exact format will either be single elimination or pool play depending on the number of participants registering. The games will be played at the squash court inside the Sports Center. Participants must be ready to play at their scheduled start time.


ELIGIBILITY:       Participants are subject to the Intramural Sports eligibility rules as stated in the Intramural Handbook.


**Rosters will be checked throughout the season for eligibility. **



VALID ID CARDS:  Before anyone can participate, each player must present a picture identification (Hartford ID card, Driver’s license, passport, etc.) when they check in. If you have an ID problem, you must contact the Intramural Office at ext. 5053 prior to the game. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT PROPER IDENTIFICATION!   Exception:  Participants will be granted only one grace if they misplace/forgot/ lost their ID and only once! 


EQUIPMENT:  If possible participants should bring their own racquets. Squash balls will be provided. If players wish to bring their own squash balls, they are free to do so.




Safety: Participants should wear protective eyewear.


Match:  A match is two out of three games. A game is 15 points.


Boundaries: red lines are painted at the top of each wall to indicate the out of bounds areas. Any ball hitting on or above the red lines or hitting the ceiling is out of play. After the serve, all floor lines and the service line are disregarded. The server must hit the ball against the front wall above the service line, (which is located 6 ft. 6 in. from the floor) causing it to land in the opposite court. A serve which hits the side wall first is a fault. If the ball does hit the floor, it must land within the opposite court or be counted as a fault. Before hitting the floor, the ball may strike either side or back wall, or both, or it may be volleyed by the opponent before hitting either wall or floor. Two serves are permitted. If both are faults, the point goes to the opponent, who then becomes the server.


Returns: The opponent must return the ball before it bounces twice on the floor. The ball must hit the front wall in the air on each return, although it may first be driven against either side or back walls.


“Lets”: Whenever a player is prevented from hitting the ball because his/her swing is restricted by his/her opponent, or because hitting the ball might injure the opponent, a HINDER or LET is called and the point replayed. A player struck by a ball, which if unimpeded would have been returned directly to the front wall, loses that point. If the ball was not traveling directly to the front wall, a LET is called and the point is replayed. If this decision is difficult to make, playing a LET in either instance is generally acceptable.


Scoring: A point is awarded on each serve. A point is won when either player is unable to return the ball to the front wall before it bounces twice on the floor; Hits the tell tale; Hits the ball so that it touches on or above the out of bounds lines, ceilings or lights. UNLIKE HANDBALL, A PLAYER NEED NOT BE THE SERVER TO SCORE A POINT.


Ties Scores: 13-13

A game is 15 points. Should the game be tied at 13-13, the player who reaches 13 points first has the option of choosing (1) NO SET, in which case the game goes to 16 points, or (2) SET TO FIVE, in which case the game goes to 18 points.


14-14: If the score becomes tied at 14-14 rather than 13-13, the player first reaching 14 has the option of choosing NO SET or SET TO THREE.


Sportsmanship: Good sportsmanship is a requirement of all participants. Participants are to conduct themselves properly at all times. The IM Department reserves the right to suspend or disqualify individuals or group for unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike actions before, during and/or after a contest will not be tolerated. Anyone who tries them will face swift discipline.