Mission Statement



We are committed to offering a variety of different programs and events to the University of Hartford community in order to provide positive experience. We do this by promoting participation, growth and development, and providing an environment where customer service is our number one priority.

The intramural program at the University of Hartford offers a wide range of sports related activities to its faculty, staff and students. The department's objective is to provide a well rounded program based upon participation. University of Hartford intramurals offer structured competition for both men and women, with specific league, tournament and playoff schedules. Such competition involves prearranged schedules and facilities, supervision, student officials and published results via the school newspaper.

Please use this page to help acquaint you with the variety of recreational and intramural sports offered at the university. This page will hold all information for the Recreation and Intramurals department of the Sports Center.

The intramural program is divided into spring and fall seasons, with varying sports offered in each season. You will find schedules and information on each sport and event offered.