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Purpose of Handbook


The aim of the Intramural Office Staff handbook is to acquaint you with the policies, procedures and regulations of the IM program as they pertain to your duties and responsibilities as an office worker. It is meant to serve as a guide to some of the information you need to know to work for my area of the department. You have been selected for this position because of your knowledge, interest and ability to perform the duties as required. As an office worker, you will be responsible for aiding the Intramural Director with a wide variety of functions. You are responsible for all the information in this handbook.



University of Hartford. Intramurals has a variety of programs available to participants, including Intramurals, Club Sports and Recreational Events. This handbook will concentrate on the programs and policies of the Intramural Office.


Staff Listing


Name                                                      Position                                                 Phone                     E-Mail

Tyrone Fuertes                                     Intramural Director                               768-5053 Fuertes

Ted Stavropoulos                                                Associate Athletic Director               768-4650 tstavropo


The Intramural Office is located on the first floor of the Sports center, Rm C-102.


Important Numbers

Intramural Office                                                                  768-5053

Sports Center Front Desk                                                   768-5070

Sports Center Office                                                            768-5050

Equipment Room                                                                  768-3915

Public Safety                                                                         768-7777

Campus Information                                                            768-4100
























Responsibilities of the Job

·         Assist the Intramural Director with office tasks, copying, phone computer input,  registration

Customer service, etc.

·         Office staff need to be knowledgeable about the sports/events that are taken place, registration

Dates, game schedules, cancellations.


Phone Procedures

·        Greeting: “Intramural Office, ________ speaking, how can I help you?”

·        Always be polite and give as much info as possible, tell them about other sports, how they can sign up, the web site, how to be a free agent


Registration Procedures

  •  Review the team registration form. Make sure it is filled out properly; you need to initial the form and tell them about the captains meeting.


Dress Code

  • In the office a staff shirt is required. Nice clean clothes are appropriate. A staff shirt will be provided. Office workers will get 2 polo shirts.


Customer Service

  • Greet everyone as they enter, ask what they are interested in, keep probing with questions
  • Be polite and give as much information as possible, tell them about other sports, how they can sign up, the web site, how to get free agents, how to be a free agent and so forth.
  • If you are not sure about the question, take down their name, phone number/e-mail address so that the IM Director can get back to them. DO NOT MAKE ANYTHING UP!!


Copying Procedure

·         IM copier –makes only a few copies at a time. (IT IS VERY OLD)

·         Athletic Copier – large amounts of copies, how to make double side, etc.



  • Posting flyers in Gengras, Commons, academic buildings, residence halls
  • Making flyers on the computer
  • How to post, where to post in the building


Computer Procedures

·         The computer on the student desk is for your use; my computer is off limits unless given permission to work on a certain project.

·         Internet and e-mail can be accessed from the student computer but this is not to be abused

·         Making flyers and other misc. work.


Database Procedure

  • Names need to be updated or filed


Taking Messages

  • All phone messages need to be left on my desk where I can see them. Please write down the name, time, date and detailed message.


Attendance Policy

  • If you are scheduled to work you need to be there. If there is a problem you need to call a sub first and then a call to myself next. Many students want office hours, if you are repeatedly absent your hours may be taken away.

Duration of Employment


Although many of us would like to think otherwise, no job can be considered permanent. The department works on a supply and demand basis. As a season comes to an end the number of individuals working in that particular sport may be reduced. Employment is seasonal. The department will make efforts to retain its quality employees.




It is essential that each employee accept responsibility for the success of the program. If a student employee is found to be negligent in their duties, certain disciplinary actions will be taken according to the nature of the offense. Student employees may be placed on probation, suspension or be terminated for any of, but not limited to, the following:


  1. Lack of work
  2. Poor attendance
  3. Unsatisfactory job performance
  4. Mistreatment or abuse of fellow employees


Payroll Procedure


Paychecks are issued biweekly on Fridays. Paychecks can be picked on Friday at the Sports Center Membership Office between the hours of 9am-5pm. Employees must initial for receipt of the check. Pay periods are on a two-week interval. Therefore students receive checks for time worked during the previous two weeks.




Office workers will be evaluated each semester by the supervisor and IM Director. This evaluation will help to serve as a guide to future assignments. It is also intended to give you feedback on your performance. It is not intended to be a negative report; instead it will help you to become a better official through instruction. Evaluations may be unannounced and random.



Office workers starting pay is $7.10/hr depending on the sport and the amount of experience.




Increase in pay is not automatic. Employees who feel deserving of a raise must make a formal request in writing to the IM Director. In order to be considered for a raise, employees must meet the following conditions:

1.                    Must be employed a minimum of 12 pay periods.

2.                    Demonstrate reliability and punctuality

3.                    Practice above average customer service.

4.                    Demonstrate an ability to work independently


An employee will be notified with a decision within 7-10 days. The amount of pay increase will be decided by the professional staff, and may range from $0.25-0.50.






An employee awards banquet will be held annually to recognize outstanding performance and achievements. Other awards may be presented at other times throughout the school year.