Events Schedule and Information: Fall






To View Schedule For The Fall Upcoming Events, Click On The Event Links Below:

[Outdoor Soccer]

[ 7 on 7 Flag Football ]

[Tennis Singles]

[Co-Rec Kickball]



[Ultimate Frisbee]

[Midnight Mania Contest]

[Outdoor Dodgeball]

[3-3 Basketball]



[Extreme Dodgeball]

[4 on 4 Sand Volleyball]

[Strong Person Competition]

[Turkey Trot]

[Basketball Contest]

[5-5 Basketball]

[Team Handball]

[Whiffle Ball]

[Chancellors Cup]

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For event schedules and additional information, please follow the link for If you have any questions or need to speak with a staff member, please call the Intramurals Office at (860)768-5053.